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Danielle. 20. Canada.

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"Look, I need you to read and sign the employee manual. Details a lot of the workplace policies. One of them is, um, proper workplace attire."

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What was your big break? 

The moment when [my short film] Marcel the Shell with Shoes On suddenly exploded on the Internet. Before that, I was on Saturday Night Live, but that wasn’t really me showing what I could do. SNL was my first big job and when I got it, I was excited — but also scared, confused and almost immediately hard on myself. That is not the way I wanted to birth myself into my career. A comedian friend of mine asked: ‘Do you think about the fact that 20 million people have viewed your Marcel videos [on YouTube]?’ But what’s important to me is the genuine surprise and delight I felt when I put something out there that was received with such love, whether it’s 20 million people or 20. [x]

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I have a confession to make. I really love the Reilly sisters. 

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I guess we’re stuck together.

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Jenny Slate for Refinery29, photographed by Atisha Paulson


Rocket is the heart of the movie in a lot of ways. - James Gunn

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Chris Pratt attends the premiere of Marvel’s: Guardians Of The Galaxy at the Dolby Theatre on July 21, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

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